Walks in Norfolk

Immerse yourself in nature.

Dogs are always welcome at Dunston Hall, and we’ve taken some of the stress out of planning activities with a furry friend in tow. Take a look below at the Norfolk walks you can go on, by yourself or with man’s best friend.


55 minute drive from Dunston Hall 

Amble along the coast.  

Take a relaxing walk along the beach and allow the sounds of the sea to wash away all your stress. This Norfolk walk is very popular with birdwatchers so keep an eye out, you might see some rare birds.  

Dogs are welcome but must be kept on leads in some areas.  

Time: 1 hour  

<strong><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW60785833 BCX8">SKELDING HILL</span></strong>


25 minute drive from Dunston Hall 

Reconnect with nature.  

Enjoy this circular stroll through the woods. Particularly beautiful in springtime, this walk blooms with azaleas and rhododendrons along sections of the path. If you’re lucky, you might see some horses, either in fields or being ridden along the path.  

Dogs are welcome but are recommended to be kept on leads.  

Time: 45 minutes  

<strong><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW44427020 BCX8" data-ccp-charstyle="eop" data-ccp-charstyle-defn="{&quot;ObjectId&quot;:&quot;83a45e5e-6357-4481-bfb2-f151e0ab17ee|16&quot;,&quot;ClassId&quot;:1073872969,&quot;Properties&quot;:[469775450,&quot;eop&quot;,201340122,&quot;1&quot;,134233614,&quot;true&quot;,469778129,&quot;eop&quot;,335572020,&quot;1&quot;,469778324,&quot;Default Paragraph Font&quot;]}">THE MYSTICAL WOODS</span> </strong>


25 minute drive from Dunston Hall 

Embrace the countryside.  

Parts of this route parallel the miniature Bure Valley Railway, so if you time it right, you might see a steam engine go by on your travels. This trail is good for birdwatching, particularly by the river, where you might be lucky enough to spot a heron wading.  

Dogs are welcome but must be kept on leads in some areas.  

Time: 1.5 hours  

<strong><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW210870140 BCX8">COLTISHALL AND BELAUGH</span></strong>


45 minute drive from Dunston Hall 

A slightly challenging walk, this trail takes you from Castle Acre, where you can see the castle ruins and the priory, down the River Nar and along some beautiful country roads. Keep an eye out for different wildlife and livestock along the way, and watch out for slippery sections of the trail if it’s been raining.  

Dogs are welcome but must be kept on leads in some areas.  

Time: 2.5 hours  

<strong><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW249678018 BCX8">CASTLE ACRE PRIORY LOOP</span></strong>